Michael Has Lived a Rare Life in Every Aspect

At age 15 Michael discovered his life expectancy was 18. In addition to thousands of pills and hundreds of hours of therapy every year, there were no surviving adults. This is how his journey to embrace an uncommon life began.

After a time of struggle, Michael wanted more, so he began to take charge of life instead of waiting for the worst to happen. Doing this helped him realize there is untapped strength within us all and that power can be awakened. He built a normal life like everyone else and an extra-ordinary life like nobody else by:

  • Believing the most outrageous goals are possible
  • Thinking through hope-filled filters to conquer negative, limiting & unproductive ways
  • Doing the small things well, over time, to create great rewards

In an effort to be normal, he hid medicine, hospital visits and machines. With the encouragement of others, he opened up to be a source of hope for others with Cystic Fibrosis. It was soon learned the hard-won lessons of his journey reached beyond chronic illness and into the lives of all people facing great challenges or wondering if there is MORE to life.

Michael shares his story in hopes it will breathe life into the journey of others so they can conquer uncommon challenges, achieve uncommon results and create the life they desire.


Find Transformational Questions by Hovering over these quotes

“Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all.”

– Helen Keller

What is my 1% life?

“Embrace the suck.”

– Chris McCormack – 2 Time World Ironman Champion

How will I respond to this challenge?

“Accept every outcome as a gift or opportunity.”

– Shirzad Shamine

What opportunity lies within this challenge?

“Without changing with action, positive talk and affirmations are empty promises to yourself.”

– Michael Patrick Burke

What is the ONE THING I would like to change?

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