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It is frustrating knowing you or your team can accomplish more but answers to peak performance, exceptional leadership and uncompromised happiness remain elusive. As long as the most effective solutions remain hidden, limitations on success will continue.

 Opportunity is missed
Patchwork solutions prolong roadblocks
Undesired & unproductive behavior are repeated
Valuable resources and investments for improvement go underutilized

Experience the benefits of Mental Fitness with more success and happiness and fewer frustrations


Elevate Individual & Team Performance


Experience Less Negative Drama


Realize More Opportunity


Prepare Exceptional Leaders


Reduce Burnout


Enhance Problem Solving

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Many solutions to performance, leadership and happiness problems never get to the source of behavior so you feel stuck in mediocre results, without the best solutions. With so many differing problems and possible tools we don’t know where to start. Many of my clients desire a simple, effective solution that gets maximum return on their investment. I get it!

Live Bold Coaching and Consulting utilizes foundational tools that get to the source of what holds back individuals and teams. Focus, clear thinking, resilience, self-direction, and other markers of exceptional performance and leadership are elevated. Because the Mental Fitness approach is foundational, other resources and investments are more fully utilized. This all translates into stronger profitability, more opportunity, and an increase in productivity. Tools learned have a high return on investment as they can be delivered individually, in a group or passed along to the entire team by leadership.

Because life is too short to struggle and fight, we learn to live and lead with confidence and ease.

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Executive Coaching

Maximize career, enhance  leadership, improve happiness

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Personal Coaching

Move confidently through  challenges and toward goals 

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Team Coaching

Fostering Collaboration & Contribution for exceptional team results

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Keynote Speaking

Inspiring Organizations toward repeatable exceptional outcomes

The BOLD Plan

1. Schedule an Appointment with Michael

2. Get Solutions & Decide with Confidence

3. Break Free from Limitations

Why Live Bold Coaching & Professional development

For a time Michael focused on the negative side of his life with Cystic Fibrosis. He got stuck, frustrated and wondered if he could get more out of life. Finding a powerful way to live and work allowed him to create exceptional outcomes with his career, health, happiness, as an endurance athlete and business owner. What he found were answers that addressed the most foundational human behaviors that limit us. With these foundational tools in place, he was able to elevate his own performance and happiness as well as those around him. Other skills and resources were more fully utilized with a solid foundation to build upon. Experience is only one facet of excellence so Michael receives continual training through expert-level instruction.

International Coach Federation Certified Training-Mentor Coach LLC
Coaching practices are proven, time tested, and informed by the science of positive psychology.
Author: Waiting to Die, Running to Live | Former Director of Sales | Business Owner | 9x Marathoner | 20x Half-Marathoner | 101st Person to Know in St. Louis

Do You See What Has You Stuck?

How does our default of fixating on negative aspects of life and business limit us?
• Negative Emotions create automatic responses. Can you source the best answers to complex problems when limited by robotic thinking?
• Negative Self Talk unduly criticizes yourself and others. Will you or your team take initiative, contribute innovative thought or take challenges head-on while experiencing doubt?
• Negative Anticipation assumes the worst outcome in unknown situations. What opportunities are missed if you only assume the worst and always play safe?

I don’t know about you but I believe life is too short to be missing out on all that is possible. Live Bold Coaching helps individuals and teams conquer limitations. Your bottom line will improve, other investments in your business will be more fully utilized and you may not longer be drained by negativity.

Because the Live Bold approach addresses base human behavior, it has a multiplying affect. What works for professional success, works for any relationship and personal happiness. It has an exponential affect because what you learn for yourself can be passed on as a leader. One learning experience has many payoffs.