Michael’s Story

I have lived with a lifetime of challenges that test me daily.

Every year 13,140 pills allow my body to digest food and 500 hours of therapy clear deadly "junk" from my lungs. Also, this fine specimen of a body loses electrolytes at astronomical rates.

Together now: My body lacks nutrition, has diminished lung functions and rapidly loses the "stuff" that makes muscles fire. With that Ford Pinto of a body I have competed in 9 marathons, 20 half-marathons and a 70.3-mile Ironman triathlon. This seems to be driven by a competitive spirit but exercise is THERAPY!

Uncommon professional success and a meaningful life filled with love were created amidst challenges that others would not take on and destroys relationships. These things are not meant to be boastful, only to illustrate how wildly different life turned out from the 15-year-old who envisioned he would suffer, die young, become a burden and be alone.

Little did he know the "curse" was an advantage which fueled every great thing he accomplished. I share lessons in the hope they breathe life into your every effort. Purpose, genuine optimism, pushing limits and dogged perseverance to name a few will lead you to truly unexpected results.

What I know from this unique life is this:

  1. Without BOLD thinking we create limitations
  2. Little things done well lead to big things celebrated
  3. With amazing people, our journey to conquer challenges is quicker, less painful and more rewarding.

We all have challenges and aspirations. Both deserve uncommon effort. I encourage you to uncover your "Inner-bold." Transform adversity to advantage. Create the life you desire and, just maybe, a life beyond your imagination.

Begin your legacy: Live Bold! Now.


We need to tell the unique story of Michael growing up with a life expectancy that was increasing but not far in the future.

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  • 2 Years Old

    Life expectancy: 7 years.

  • High School

    Life expectancy: 18 years.

  • College Graduation

    Life expectancy: 25 years.

  • 40 Years Old

    No limits!

One team, one vision, one fight.
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